Sustainability & Biodiversity

An ethical choice

We are committed to sustainable agriculture that respects nature, and over the years we have perfected our techniques and increased the biodiversity on our land.

Today our farm comprises more than 100 hectares of vineyards, olive groves, woodland, a walnut grove, a truffle field, pastureland, arable land and a small vegetable garden and orchard.

Organic farm Tuscany


Organic farming

From the very beginning, we have continued to cultivate our vineyards and olive groves using organic methods – no herbicides, fertilisers or other chemicals.


Recycling water and waste wood

With the restoration work we installed biomass heating (wood chips) to be able to reuse the waste wood material derived from cleaning the surrounding woods and initially the worth of the olive trees that died during the frost of ’85. In 2019 we purchased additional abandoned woods to take care of them. All the water used is filtered and purified so that it can be reused to irrigate the land.

Spoiano Riciclo Acqua
Cinta Senese bio


Ethical meat from free range farming

In 2007 we started breeding Cinta Senese pigs. A typical breed from Tuscany. The animals live free range and can moove freely in a wide range of land. For an ethical, healthy and antibiotic-free meat.


Dexter cows, 4 legged weed control and manure.

In 2012, the Dexter cows, an Irish breed, were added. The cattle graze in the olive groves and in winter also in the vineyards. They are valuable co-workers as they “mow” and fertilise in a completely natural way, our intervention in the fields is thus further limited.

Dexter cows
Vegetables organic farm


Increasing plant biodiversity

In order to maintain plant biodiversity, in recent years we have restored a walnut grove, planted a truffle bed and expanded our vegetable garden and orchard.

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