Extravirgin Olive Oil

EVO Extravirgin olive oil 100% Organic

Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained from Italian varieties of olives, in particular Moraiolo, Leccino and Frantoio, cultivated on 20 hectares of land, a total of 3000 trees.

The olives are 100% organic, we do not use chemicals and herbicides for their production, the fields are maintained by rearing Dexter “mini-cows”. The cows eat the grass and the manure is optimally distributed by the animals, which are constantly on the move. Thus, the fields are fertilised in a natural way and there is no need to use the tractor.

Bio Olivenoel - Olio extravergine

Extra Virgin

Bottle 0,75l

Oil obtained 100% from olives of our organic cultivation. The olives are cold pressed within 24 hours of harvesting in order to guarantee the highest quality.

From harvest to the table

The olive harvest

Harvesting is done manually with the help of nets and “abbacchiatori” towards the end of October and beginning of November, when the olives have reached the right ripeness. This type of harvesting is less invasive for the trees and allows us to obtain undamaged fruits.

The olives, once separated from the tree, are collected in bins and transported to the olive mill for pressing. No more than 48 hours elapse between the harvesting and the extraction of the oil, this is very important to maintain a high level of quality.

To obtain a litre of extra virgin olive oil, depending on the yield, it takes about 6-7 kg of olives.

Olive pressing at the mill

The virgin olive oil is cold extracted by mechanical processes, where the temperature never exceeds 27 degrees, this is necessary to avoid the loss of valuable nutrients. To be classified as extra virgin, the oil needs an acidity level of less than 0.8g per 100g.

Olive oil for your health

Olive oil is a valuable health ally, containing many monounsaturated fatty acids that help prevent cardiovascular disease. In addition, oleic acid reduces the risk of heart attack, thrombosis and stroke.

The bitter and spicy taste is a sign that the oil is rich in polyphenols, these substances act as antioxidants and allow a better preservation of the oil. Some research has shown that polyphenols also serve to reduce the proliferation of cancer cells.

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